We Help People Open & Grow Succesful Fitness & Athletics facilities Around The World

40 Years of Experience


We have more than 25 years of fitness industry experience owning, managing and fixing fitness and multipurpose clubs ranging in size from small independent studios to large fitness and recreational facilities. We’ve seen it all! This enables us to help you avoid the pitfalls and open, manage and grow a profitable club or studio.

Starting a New Club
We help... Entrepreneurs develop and launch new clubs
Growing and Fixing an Established Club 
We help... Current fitness club owners and operators take their club to the next level, fix problems and increase their club’s profitability 
Building or Renovating a Fitness Center Or Non-Fitness Business
We help... Golf clubs, residential complexes, municipalities and universities add or renovate a fitness center 


We’ll help create your plan to make your fitness center profitable, utilizing our years of industry experience to prepare and execute a successful launch.

Business Plan Development

Planning for yAttract investors, get a loan, and simply have a plan for yourself 

Feasibility Studies

Analyze demographics, market potential, and competition in order to understand the viability of your business idea

Financial Modeling

Use industry benchmark data to accurately model your club’s profits/losses and understand recurring costs, total investment, and projected ROI 

Club Design & Build-0ut

Work with top health club and fitness facility developers to design a beautiful and profitable space

Operational Planning & Support

Hire talented people and learn how to run an efficient organization

Pre-Launch Marketing

Create an online presence that differentiates your club and generates leads

Established Fitness Clubs Looking to Increase Profitability

Take your club to the next level! We’ll help your fitness business reach its full potential by identifying opportunities and implementing strategies to grow memberships, reduce operating costs and expand profit centers.

Identify opportunities to improve operations & grow your bottom line

Add/eliminate services and classes
Adjust pricing
Strengthen the team
Analyze financial results.

Attract more members, improve referrals, and grow your business

Social media
Email list building
Paid advertising
Website Proven to generate leads

Improve Member Retention
Improve your staff’s ability to onboard new members, build a community and deliver exceptional customer service 

Hire & Engage Talent

Attract and hire the right people and engage and retain top performers

Create Change and Organizational Transformation
Get people at all levels to work together around a shared vision, resulting in a work environment focused on inspiration, accountability, consistency and the accomplishment of shared goals. 

Produce Operational Efficiencies

Get a fresh perspective on operations and staffing and make adjustments that lead to greater efficiencies and improved customer service

Manage Your Club 

Put your club in our hands and we’ll assess the club’s strengths and weaknesses, engage staff in making improvements, and help you recruit and hire your next leader.


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