Our dedicated team provides properties with a comprehensive range of services to ensure that each property operates at its highest potential. 

Consulting Services

Our Team provides subject matter expertise in all verticals of golf and hospitality management. Consulting and advisory services may be provided to our partners in the form of bundled or a la carte scope packages. Our uniquely dedicated, distinctly different approach allows our clients and partners to customize our services to fit their needs.
Marketing & Membership
We evaluate your current marketing performance using our comprehensive analysis to create fresh strategies that will revive your consumer reach and support additional membership and sales goals. 

Public Relations & Event Management
iZZ Media, is a leading agency with decades of experience in bringing brands to life. The agency holds brand activation, events, public relations, social media, content and sports marketing at its core to deliver unique campaigns that help brands stand out and connect emotionally with audiences.

Golf Course Management & Leasing
We are a trusted partner who understands every component of the golf business. Our team of experts employ proven strategies to deliver optimal results. Our passion for the game of golf is rivaled only by our expertise in the business of golf. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to help realize a property’s vision and achieve financial success.

Developing Your Golf Club Fitness Center

The evolution of excellent fitness centers within golf clubs has arrived. Golf and country clubs are now making this commitment all over the country. La Costa Resort in Carlsbad , CA and Mauana Athnletic Club, Maui, Hawaii, Florida (which we designed) are just two examples of great clubs that have made a commitment to developing high quality fitness centers. This trend is happening everywhere because members are demanding a quality fitness experience and because clubs benefit in myriad ways when they make this commitment..

A fitness center that is well designed and programmed will:

Attract new members
Retain current members
Generate additional revenues from fitness
Increase weekly members visits to dine and socialize

Areas Atwood Consulting Group can help:

Design (new and renovations/expansions)
Incorporating PGFA training spaces
Pricing models


Profit Centers
Pricing models

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