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Member Experience Management Systems _Mystery Shopper & Member

We will help identify experience improvement opportunities at your club which will increase sales and retention, and position your club uniquely against the competition.  Our process includes:

· Develop survey & survey modalities customizable by market

· Implement surveys.  Compile data.  

· Derive benchmarks and measure differences, identify opportunities. 

· Determine desired member experience collectively, by department/service/program, and by individual staff contribution.  

· Determine deliverables in each of these segments to the member.  

· Develop team member survey and survey mediums for staff to identify needs from the front line perspective.  

· Compile data.  

· Derive benchmarks by department, identify opportunities.  

· Observe from team member perspective current processes at the department and branch level.  

· Identify barriers to success and opportunities for a more effective approach.  

· Develop detailed plan for performance improvement by department/service/program and by individual staff contribution.  

· Design training and training delivery models for performance improvement with a focus on member relationship building skills and related outcomes.  

· Oversee implementation of training and process improvements.  

· Measure results of this initiative based on predetermined goals.  

· Adjust processes and implementation as needed based on the outcomes of secondary measurements of experience delivery for the members, and measures of specific team initiatives.


Mystery Shopping & Mystery Member Programs

Is your team on their “A” behaviour when you’re around?  What about when you’re not there?  What is happening with the informal grapevine in your membership?  Or will you wait and find out when it’s too late – when cancels are high and the member is already gone?  Let us help you find out what the problems are proactively.


We will recruit, train, and supervise mystery shoppers and Mystery Members in your area.  Our process includes:

· We will mystery shop your clubs to determine baseline measures.  This will include visiting the club as a prospect, joining as a member, participating in two group exercise sessions on 2 days over a period of two months, engaging in personal training sessions, going through the cancellation process, and additional scenarios to be defined.  OPTION:  Video taping each or selected club experiences from the customer point of view can be provided.   

· We will review any member feedback you may have compiled from the members of these clubs, formally and informally.    We will identify current process and actions associated with this feedback, with basic recommendations for any interim process improvement.  

· We will develop customized member feedback solutions for your club, which may include real-time online surveys, email, phone, in person at the club, and mail.  

· We will provide you with a full report for your club.  Scoring will determine gaps and needs for improvements for the member experience at each club.  We will provide initial recommendations and training solutions based on these outcomes.

Mystery Shopper & Member